A city school may seem to be an unlikely spot for a garden, but parents at P.S. 107 John W. Kimball Learning Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., didn't let that stand in their way. The concept of an edible garden came from a parent who is a master gardener. Once the PTA, school administration, and custodial staff signed on, the work of bringing it to life began. The newly formed garden committee secured donations and grants and worked closely with teachers to design a space that would enhance students' engagement with science, nutrition education, and the environment. Named the "Sunshine Garden" by a 1st grader, it has yielded a variety of fruits and vegetables. Teachers frequently use the garden as an outdoor classroom, teaching students to document plant growth, study the effects of weather, and appreciate the origin of the food they eat, which, students have learned, is not the supermarket!

What the judges loved: The P.S. 107 PTA understood that making the Sunshine Garden a reality would require support as well as involvement from parents, teachers, and other school staff members.

Cool fact: Students bring in food scraps from home to make compost, and they "worm sit" during school holidays.