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How To Book a Guest Speaker for Your Next School Program

How To Book a Guest Speaker For Your Next School Program

Thinking of bringing in a speaker or enrichment program for your next school assembly? Start by asking a potential guest speaker these questions.


Evaluate the options

What is your fee? Is it negotiable?

What grade levels do you have performances or workshops for?

How long is your presentation?

Can you document which parts of the curriculum your program ties in to?

Can you provide materials for teachers to help students prepare for your visit?

Do you know of any organizations that provide grants for educational programs in that area?

What is the ideal size of crowd for you to work with?

What type of space do you usually use (classroom, gymnasium, etc.)?

What does your typical schedule at a school look like?

Where can I see you speak to students, either in person or on video?

Is a videoconference with a classroom an option?

Can you provide references?

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Get into the details

Will you have travel expenses? If so, are those included in the fee?

How long will you stay at school on the day we schedule you?

What kind of breaks will you need?

What are your specific space and audiovisual requirements?

Would we need to keep students out of the room during setup? If so, for how long?

Do you need the school to provide drinks, snacks, and lunch?

If we order copies of your book, would you prefer to handle the order or have us do it?

Will you sign books for students?

What would happen if school is delayed or canceled on the day you’re scheduled to visit?

What would happen if you have an emergency and have to cancel?

Originally posted in 2019 and updated regularly.

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