10 Ways To Make Your “Athon” Fundraiser More Profitable and Fun

Ways To Make Your “Athon” Fundraiser More Profitable and Fun

Whether you’re doing a color run, a danceathon, or a straight-up fun run, these tips can help you earn more money and enjoy the process more, too.


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Anyone can do a fun run—but you can do it right! Try these top tips to earn more money while making your -athon fundraiser more fun for everyone!

Choose a theme.

Center your fundraiser around a theme, with promotional materials, T-shirts, a fundraising logo, and incentives all tied in. For example, a “Run Around the World” theme (travel) could have a logo featuring students circling a globe, incorporate lessons about accepting different cultures, and have students receive a “passport” stamp for each lap completed.

Fun Run Themes


Go big with a schoolwide kickoff.

An all-school assembly is fun for students, plus it gets them excited right from the first day. To make it easier, team up with Get Movin’ and they’ll provide a script for what to say to make it fun, motivate students, and communicate important details about the fundraiser.

Fun Run Kickoff


Talk it up.

The more you promote, the more you’ll raise! Create a special logo just for your event, and use it on all your promotional materials. Get Movin’ has a promotion plan already set up for you, including a dozen customizable flyers and a timeline of when to use them during the donation period. You can also get a fun run flyer customized with your event info as part of your Plus membership, sponsored by Get Movin’. (Not a Plus member yet? Learn more about Plus.)

Promote Your Athon Fundraiser


Get students excited.

Everything starts with motivating students! Encourage them through special experiences, collectible toys, and other team-style rewards. Don’t worry—incentives don’t always have to cost more money. Get Movin’ has pages of free and low-cost incentive ideas for individual students, classrooms, gradewide, and the whole school—like asking the principal to become a “human sundae” when students have achieved the fundraising goal.

Fun Run Prizes


Add some friendly competition—with an educational twist.

Want to know where your donors are or who got donations from the farthest location? What about from the most states? Make a 50-state challenge! It’s super easy with Get Movin’s interactive donor map because it shows you where all donations are coming from in real time.

Online Donations for Athons


Support teachers.

From encouraging student participation through in-class competition to promoting your event in communications with parents, teachers can make a huge difference in the success of your -athon fundraiser. Get Movin’ provides dozens of incentive ideas that you can use to motivate teachers (who could turn down a free foot massage?), along with classroom webpages to help tap into the fundraiser progress and details.

Support Teachers During Athon Fundraising


Lean on an expert.

Find someone who’s been there before—and rocked it—to mentor your school’s team throughout its -athon fundraising event. Every school that works with Get Movin’ is paired up with its own Personal Event Coach; this fundraising expert is available to answer questions about anything relating to your event-based fundraiser. (How to spend all that money you raise? That’s the one thing your group will have to figure out on its own.)

Fun Run Experts


Break out the tunes.

Don’t forget music at your event! It’ll transform your ho-hum -athon into a fun -athon. No need to hire an expensive DJ; tap a parent (or even a student’s older sibling) who always knows the latest hits to create a 30- to 40-minute playlist. Use it at the kickoff, over the PA system each morning, and at each round of promoting your fundraiser.

Use Music at Your Athon Fundraiser
Sergey Maksimov/123RF


Go digital.

Take your fundraiser online to get even more donations, from family and friends near and far. By adding an online component like Get Movin’s platform to your fundraiser, you’ll break the barriers of local support and be able to reach the whole world. This will leave you with double or triple what you’ve raised in the past—it happens all the time!

Online Fundraising Software


Change it up.

Alternate themes and types of -athons each season or year—if you do a fun run in fall, for example, try a reading challenge in winter or a danceathon in spring. This keeps your fundraising goals consistent with active students, educational fundraising, and community engagement so that there’s interest in participating season after season.

Change Up Your Fun Run Themes and Ideas


Feeling fired up yet? Get on with your fun run or -athon and bring in the big bucks with Get Movin’ Fundraising. Learn more and get a $25 Amazon gift card just for taking a free online tour! Just mention promo code PTOPLUS20.

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