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Door Signs for Your Virtual PTO Meetings

Door Signs for Your Virtual PTO Meetings

Knock twice if you’re interested in volunteering, kids.

by Kerri Beauchesne


While our own unofficial research tells us that PTO and PTA volunteers are super adaptable and just plain awesome in general, PTOing from home hasn’t been easy—especially if you have tiny humans who yell for snacks all day long.

Whether you PTO from the closet, at the dining room table, or parked in the driveaway, these hilarious door sign messages will help you get a few minutes of peace to do what you do best.


Do not disturb;
working on my ninja-like volunteering skills


Actively looking for kids to do light duty volunteer work;
knock twice if interested


If you really want my attention, slip some box tops under the door


Do not enter
unless you’re dressed in head-to-toe school spiritwear


Enter if you want to fold spiritwear shirts.
Don’t worry, it’ll only take a few hours!


New fundraiser:
Every time you knock, you donate a dollar. To me.


Do not disturb;
busy practicing TikTok dance for upcoming virtual danceathon


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