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Fundraise Like a Boss! Podcast Series for PTO and PTA Leaders

 Fundraise Like a Boss! New Podcast Series for PTO and PTA Leaders
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Tune into the latest podcast episodes as PTO and PTA leaders and the experts at Get Movin’ share school fundraising tips and success stories.


Get Movin’ Fundraising
Brought to you by our friends at Get Movin’ Fundraising! Plan, promote, and track your next Fun Run, Read-Athon, and more, right from your phone. With Get Movin’ you get custom donation tools, a former parent group leader to guide you, and the most profit for your school! Learn more.


FundHub Radio is a podcast brought to you by Get Movin' Fundraising, designed to offer a wealth of knowledge and insights into school fundraising! This engaging podcast features interviews with schools that have achieved significant success in their fundraising efforts, providing listeners with real-life success stories and practical strategies. It's an ideal resource for anyone involved in school fundraising, from PTOs to school administrators, offering both valuable insights and a good dose of entertainment through its enjoyable and engaging format.

With a focus on school stories, effective fundraising strategies, and plenty of laughs, FundHub Radio is more than just an informational resource. It's also a source of inspiration and enjoyment!

Tips and Tricks For a Fit and Healthy Fundraiser

Explore "Fitness Fundraisers" with the team from Main Elementary. Discover how they turned traditional fundraising on its head with their annual BeaverMAIN-ia Obstacle Run fundraiser!! Tune in to get fueled with ideas for your next fundraising event! Whether you're a seasoned planner or new to the game, this episode is packed with advice to help you create an event that stands out.

What is a Fundraising Strategy and Why Do I Need It?

This episode is all about the basics and benefits of a well-thought-out fundraising strategy. Many of us dive into organizing events without fully understanding the power of strategy or how to utilize past event data. Becca, a fundraising coach, will demystify “strategy” and show how simple it is when you have everything from your events stored online. Whether you're gearing up for your first fundraiser or looking to improve your next event, this episode will provide the knowledge you need to make fundraising easier, more enjoyable, and incredibly rewarding for your school!

Hack Your School Read-Athon

In this episode, Hemlock Creek Elementary discusses how they nearly doubled their ambitious $35,000 goal with their very first school-wide Read-Athon. Dive into the episode for valuable insights and practical tips that can help you hack your next Read-Athon. It's not just a success story; it's a blueprint for your own Read-Athon success!

Proven Tips and Tricks for Your School Fundraiser

In this inaugural episode, listeners are treated to a special guest appearance by Maria Chinda, who discusses Harbordale Elementary's experience as the very first school to use the Get Movin' Fundraising platform. Watch for practical advice and strategies for enhancing your own school fundraising events.

Fundraising for DoDEA Military Schools - Tips for Parent Groups

In this episode, Trace Cimins from Hancock Elementary shares her experiences with fundraising for a military school. The focus is on the unique challenges faced by DoDea schools in fundraising efforts and how leveraging an online platform can help overcome these challenges.

Securing Funds for Your School's STEM Program

In this discussion with South Kearns Elementary, the focus is on their successful fundraising strategy for their school's STEM program. They emphasize the use of experience incentives to significantly boost donations and student engagement.

Creative School Fundraising Rewards to Boost Student Participation

In this segment, Birney Elementary discusses their strategy for fundraising success. They focus on the use of experience incentives as a key method to increase student participation in their fundraising activities. This approach has proven effective in engaging students and boosting donations!

Strategies to Amplify Your School's Fundraising Donations

In this conversation with Fennville Elementary, the topic is their remarkable achievement in doubling their school fundraising donations through the use of Get Movin'. Learn what it takes to raise BIG donations despite having a small group of parent volunteers.

Key Strategies for Enhancing Student Engagement

In this discussion with Green Elementary, the focus is on their strategy for fundraising success with their annual Jog-Athon, which revolves around finding creative ways to enhance student participation. Learn about effective incentives, the online tools they use each year, and fun ideas like the 50-state challenge or sliming the art teacher!

Engaging the Community with Local Influencers & Exciting Incentives

In this episode with East Elementary, the discussion centers on how they effectively used school influencers to double their fundraising goal!

How to Host a School Read-Athon

In this episode, Eagle Point Elementary shares their success with innovative themes for their annual school Read-Athon fundraisers. They discuss how these creative themes have significantly boosted excitement and participation among students and teachers, contributing to the success of their fundraising events.

Tips and Tricks for Your Next School PTO Convention

In the discussion with Carillon Elementary, they share valuable fundraising tips and tricks, emphasizing the importance of attending PTO/PTA leadership conventions. This conversation highlights how these conventions can be instrumental in enhancing fundraising strategies and overall school community engagement.



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