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8+ Creative Teacher Appreciation Ideas You'll Want to Do ASAP

From a DIY trucker hat bar to a rescue puppy snuggle sesh, get inspired with these unique teacher appreciation ideas.

by Kerri Beauchesne



Teacher Appreciation Week starts May 4, 2025. If your PTO or PTA is looking to wow teachers, you've come to the right place! We round up some of the best (and most memorable) ways to show your teachers some love during Teacher Appreciation Week.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: Teacher Edition (Gift Album)

One of teachers' fave classics, the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie takes on a whole new meaning when it's written just for teachers (and includes free Flair pens and coffee gift cards).


Target-themed Teacher Appreciation Celebration

Not sure if you heard, but teachers kind of have a thing for Target. Audubon Elementary School in Foster City, CA decided to throw their teachers a full blown Target themed teacher appreciation celebration because teachers are, in fact, the "real deal"! The event featured lots of red and white decorations, miniature red shopping carts (to hold napkins, of course!), "sales", and even Bullseye, Target's mascot. Safe to say, teachers had fun enjoying their #targethaul themed snacks, drinks and supplies in the middle of the school day!

@ptotoday A new kind of #targetrun 😍 A @target themed #teacherapprecationweek 📸 Audubon Elementary School in Foster City, CA #ptopresident #teacherappreciation #ptolife #target #targetrun ♬ MILLION DOLLAR BABY (VHS) - Tommy Richman


A Snuggle Sesh for Teachers and Rescue Puppies

We're not gonna lie, this one's probably one of our most favorite teacher appreciation ideas! Bridgeway Elementary PTO in Bridgeton, MO invited Speak Rescue and Sanctuary from St. Louis, MO to bring rescue puppies in during Teacher Appreciation Week for teachers to have a little mid-day snuggle sesh. Not only did this adorable event boost teachers' moods, it also generated publicity for the rescue and adoption for the cute pups. We call that a win win!

@ptotoday Bridgeway Elementary PTO in Bridgeton MO brings rescue puppies to school for staff to snuggle during #TeacherAppreciationWeek #stlouis #ptopresident #teacherappreciation #ptolife #rescuedog ♬ Dogs Singers - Bruno Portinho Trilhas para filmes


Open Vending Machine

Yep, it's exactly what it sounds like - a vending machine that's open for teachers' taking! Brazosport Christian School in Lake Jackson, Texas added an open vending machine to their 90s themed Teacher Appreciation Week, featuring a mix of classic candies and snacks from the 90s and now. This is a fun, creative, and easy idea to bring to life in the teachers' lounge!

@ptotoday Open Vending Machine for #teacherapprecationweek 90s style 📸 Brazosport Christian School in Lake Jackson, Texas #ptopresident #ptapresident #teacherappreciation #ptolife #grwm #fypage #ilovethe90s ♬ 90s game music(874437) - S_R


Taylor Swift Teacher Appreciation Tour

Possibly one of the most popular themes this year among PTO and PTA groups for Teacher Appreciation Week, Taylor Swift made headlines at loads of schools nationwide. Get more Taylor Swift inspired teacher appreciation ideas

@mascheu25 best teacher appreciation week ever🩷 #teacherappreciationweek #eras #teachers #taylorswift #erastour #teachertiktok #teacherdressup #pto ♬ Paper Rings - Taylor Swift


Totally 90s Teacher Appreciation Week

Pump up the jam, because your teachers are all that and a bag of chips! Grab your windbreaker and find the nearest cardboard cut out of Zak Morris, and get ready to take your teachers down memory lane with a 90s themed teacher appreciation celebration.


@juliewoodsoetting #teacherapprecationweek #backtothe90s #90skids #notyourmamaspta #ptatiktok #parentteacherassociation ♬ 90s Kids - Jax


50s Themed Teacher Appreciation Week

Mountainview PTA didn't miss any details serving up Teacher Appreciation Week with a trip through the decades, starting with the 1950s sockhop! From turning the teachers' lounge into a diner to taking lunch orders while wearing roller skates (we're impressed), check out their video below!

@notyouraverageptamoms First day of #taw ! We are taking our teachers on a joirney through time, starting woth the 50s! #teacherappreciationweek #pta ♬ original sound - MVS PTA


Flower Bouquet Bar

Set up a variety of flowers for teachers to make their own bouquets during Teacher Appreciation Week! Invite teachers to choose a vase, then fill with the flowers of their choosing.


"Hats Off to Teachers" DIY Trucker Hats

There's nothing like getting to design your own trucker hat using "Coffee Teach Repeat" and "Bruh" patches, right? This crafty idea started making the rounds this year and teachers are loving it!


Ice Cream Float Bar

Teachers pick their ice cream flavor and soda of choice for a delightful ice cream float. (Psst: a float bar pairs well with a 50s sock hop theme!)


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