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PTO Today is the only company dedicated exclusively to providing support and services to the K-8 school parent group market. Whether the group acronym is PTO, PTA, or anything else, PTO Today is committed to helping parent group leaders serve their schools more effectively and run their groups more efficiently.

Our flagship publication, PTO Today magazine, is published several times a year in print and year-round online at If you would like to link to or reprint one of our articles, please follow these guidelines.

Linking Directly to or to a Specific Article

You can link to or to any specific page on our site from your website or blog without prior permission. If you’d like to include a PTO Today logo with the link, right-click on the image below to download it to your computer. Please note: This logo is for use only with links pointing directly to a page on

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Reproducing Content in Print

To reproduce a article in print (for example, in a newsletter or packet of materials), email for permission and include the title of the article. All reprints must include:

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  • the author’s full name, if one is included on the article

Reproducing Content Online

No content from should be reproduced online without advance permission from the editors of PTO Today; doing so is a violation of copyright. For permission to reprint PTO Today or materials online or in other electronic formats, please email; include the URL of the article and a description of how it would be used.

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