Free Webinar: What You Need To Know About School PTO Insurance

School PTO Insurance Basics

Whether you’re new to PTO insurance or have it currently and are thinking of switching, you want to make a smart choice for your parent group. If your head spins thinking about the various options for your PTO, PTA, or booster club, watch our webinar on why you need insurance, the various types of insurance you can get, and other frequently asked questions.

In this webinar on PTO insurance, we explain all the (sometimes confusing) ins and outs, starting with the very basics—why parent groups and booster clubs need it, and how to buy it. It’s not the same as school insurance, and many groups are surprised to learn the differences and that they’re not truly protected if they’re only insured through their schools.

What’s Covered in the PTO Insurance Webinar:

The 5 Types of Insurance School Parent Groups Need

We’ll help you understand the key types of coverage needed by most schools parent groups and the kind of protection each one gives your group. Choosing from our insurance bundles specifically designed for PTOs and PTAs can take the guesswork out of it and make the process easier for your group.

Questions To Ask Before Buying (or Switching) Insurance

You want to make the right purchase for your parent group or booster club. To do that, ask questions and compare the answers for all providers you’re considering—that way you’ll be able to weigh the benefits and drawbacks to enable you to best choose the right provider and coverage for your group.

Important Insurance Terms

You might come across some insurance terms you’re not familiar with, like COI (certificate of insurance), AI (additional insured), and others. Learn what the most important ones mean and how understanding them can help with your decisionmaking.

Resources From PTO Today

Links to additional guides and articles to learn more about the topics covered during the webinar.

More Information

Download a PDF of the slides, learn more about other benefits (including membership to PTO Today Plus, our premier parent group community with priority access to our Leader Support team), and read through the webinar Q&A.

Why Does Your Booster Club or Parent Group Need PTO Insurance?

It’s a question we get a lot at PTO Today, and it happens to be one of the easiest to answer. It’s the same reason you need insurance for other aspects of your life—your health, your car, and your home, to name some of the top reasons. Because things happen. Unexpected things, and sometimes bad things.

Here’s how some of those issues break down:

Accidents: An accident that results in injury is such a commonplace concern that many venues—including school and municipal facilities—won’t allow your group to hold a sponsored event without coverage.

Embezzlement: It’s hard to think about, but unfortunately it happens regularly—chances are you’ve even seen some of these stories on the news. While the trust involved can take time to rebuild, having insurance means that even a large financial loss is taken care of.

Property damage and theft: Imagine the stress of having to replace 900 rolls of wrapping paper for a fundraiser if a pipe bursts—or of having to deal with a stolen A/V projector. Knowing that those types of situations are covered gives your group peace of mind.

Still have questions? Visit our insurance page to learn more about PTO Today insurance coverage and pricing. Leader Support team members are available to answer your insurance questions or help you choose the right package. Call 800-557-2670 or email anytime

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