PTO Mom Archive

Since the early days of PTO Today magazine, Sharron Kahn Luttrell has been sharing her perspectives on parent involvement through her amusing personal columns; we've compiled them all here. Find highlights and featured stories on the PTO Mom resources page.

  • My Daughter the Tycoon

    Though they might not comment on it directly, your children see—and remember—the example you set being involved at their school.
  • Two Kids, Two Parent Groups

    With the kids going to different schools, giving equal time to each PTO was an impossible equation...until both parents got involved.
  • Welcoming a New Parent Group

    A first experience with the PTO is enlightening—and not at all scary.
  • Move It! It's PTO Boot Camp

    Forget abs of steel—you need a board of steel! Don't even think about jumping back into the school year without trying our patented shape-up plan first.
  • Worth a Thousand Words

    Sharing school achievements and news with the greater community serves as a very public way to invite their participation.
  • Breaking Up Our PTO

    The break-up of a districtwide PTO into smaller, school-based groups provided a lesson in viewing change as an opportunity rather than a setback.