PTO Tax Return Toolkit

Stay in compliance with the IRS by completing your Form 990-EZ accurately! We’ll walk you through it line by line with the PTO Tax Return Toolkit.

This toolkit is an easy-to-understand guide for those volunteers who are taking care of annual financial and accounting tasks for their school parent group, including tax-exemption filings. It has explanations, how-tos, and line-by-line references to make sure that the annual reporting tasks are handled correctly, including the annual financial review. Kit includes: Overview of annual tasks, instructions for completing annual tax information returns, and completed samples and line-by-line instructions for Form 990-EZ and related schedules, plus guidelines and templates for a volunteer auditor to complete the annual financial review.

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Chapter 1: Annual Tasks
Year-End Financial Review (Annual Audit)
State Reporting Requirements
Annual Tax Information Return: IRS Form 990-series
Key Dates for Annual Tasks

Chapter 2: Tackling Your PTO Tax Return
Which Form To File
Finding What You Need From the IRS
When and How To File
Overview of Form 990-EZ
Overview of Schedules A, G, and O

Chapter 3: Annual Audit: A Key Tool Often Overlooked
Who Does the Audit?
When To Audit
What the Auditor Does
Making Things Easier
The Auditor’s Report

Also included:

  • Form 990-N Line-by-Line Description
  • Form 990-EZ Line-by-Line Description
  • Form 990-EZ Completed Sample
  • Schedule A Line-by-Line Description
  • Schedule A Completed Sample
  • Schedule G Line-by-Line Description
  • Schedule G Completed Sample
  • Schedule O Line-by-Line Description
  • Schedule O Completed Sample
  • “Where Should I Report It?” Fundraisers Chart
  • Treasurer Support for Form 990-EZ
  • Volunteer Auditor Cover Letter
  • Annual Financial Review Guidelines
  • Annual Financial Review Report Template


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