PTO Officer Transition Kit

PTO Officer Transition Kit

Change can be hard, especially when the leadership of an organization is what’s changing, but it also brings new energy and ideas to your group.

Now there’s an easy way to help ensure a smooth officer transition this year—and set up your group for success next year and for years to come. The PTO Officer Transition Kit will help your group continue building on its successes as a new set of leaders takes over.



Inside the PTO Officer Transition Kit:

For Current Leaders:

  • Officer Transition - Planning Ahead Transition isn’t just replacing one person with another. It also involves passing on the organization’s mission and vision from leader to leader.
  • How To Nurture New Leaders
    Tips to bring out the best in your current volunteers.
  • Election Season Tips To Ease Officer Transition
    Whether your elections will usher in a brand-new lineup of leaders or bring in a just a few new faces, it helps to take steps in advance to ensure that the transition goes smoothly.
  • Creating a Procedures Book
    A procedures book is the key reference book for a new officer and serves as an ideal way to transfer organizational knowledge from one leader to another.
  • When No One Steps Up To Lead
    What do you do if no one is stepping up? There are things you can do to get the help you need.
  • How To Retire Gracefully
    Before your term of service comes to a close, ask yourself: “What kind of ex-officer will I be?”
  • Committee Chair Year-End Report:
    Pass along important details and lessons learned to the next volunteer.

For Incoming Leaders:

  • You’re Elected! Now What?
    Feeling lost? Take a breath and get ready for a great term!
  • Build a Strong Executive Board
    PTO leaders each have a particular job to do. But their second role is working well as a group of officers together.
  • Success Tips for Executive Board Members
    Five things you should know about representing your PTO in the community, plus four essential tips for working with school support staff.
  • Advice for New Leaders
    Members of our Facebook community share what they wish they’d known before becoming a PTO leader.
  • New Officer Checklist
    Reminders and must-dos for volunteers taking on a new leadership role.

Why Is a Smooth Leadership Transition Important?

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