Question: pta president portfolios

Does anybody have any ideas on what i could put into my portfolio?

Asked by Stoneypoint



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Do you mean a portfolio of what your group has accomplished, to show off to parents and potential volunteers, or do you mean items that will help future presidents succeed in the job? If it's the first one, we've seen many terrific scrapbooks that walk through the year event by event. You might group sections, for instance a family nights section that includes your movie night, reading night, etc. As far as goals, you want to show the scope of your work and how it affects the school (goals and results). Show plenty of photos of kids and volunteers having fun. And make sure, when you're through, that the book gives a real feeling that your group accomplishes a lot. You want potential volunteers to say "That looks fun and rewarding -- I want to be a part of that." Now, if I've missed this entirely and your question is about a portfolio to help future officers, check out the article Procedures Book: Your PTO's Instruction Manual. It has lots of information on that topic.

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