Question: County tell us we cannot add an assistant treasurer

We have a well established active PTA. Our Treasurer manages a $40K budget. She puts in several man days per month writing checks making deposits, balancing checkbook, reports, audits, filings, etc. Her duties as lited in the standing rules are at least triple any other officer. We will need a new treasurer next year. We want to amend our bylaws to include an assistant treasurer. Our county PTA says they will reject our bylaw amendment. They think we are giving up controls...i think a second set of eyes adds control. What can we do?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Provided you keep good checks-and-balances in mind, I don't see any reason why you can't have someoen helping your treasurer. Think of it this way, does Microsoft have only one person handling its funds? No. Do we suspect they have good controls? Of course! I'd continue to advocate for your group with the county. Sounds like nonsense to me. You can also do what tens of thousands of other groups do, which is become/remain independent. If you're doing great work now I'm sure you can continue to do it as an independent group. Tim

Community Advice

Parttimeparli writes:
Don't amend bylaws. Just like other positions have persons that help but aren't official,(like a VP's best friend is always helping her with projects, etc) have the treasurer pick someone to help her. The treasurer isn't relinquishing any duties or responsibilities( the aide can't sign checks) but she could make deposits, handle some paperwork,and create reports. These changes won't involve your county.

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