Question: Who Is PTO suppose to serve

I am at a school that has preschools as well as elementary students. I am wondering if were are obligated to help the preschools since they are not elementary. I am just wondering who the PTO is suppose to serve. Thanks for any feedback.

Asked by jordan1



Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Hi Jordan - That's really a different answer for every PTO. There isn't a "supposed to" there. Some of the questions I'd ask: do you have bylaws or a mission? What do those say? Have you discussed this question openly among members? How closely are the students and families integrated? If there is high integration, then it seems natural that the group would be integrated, as well. PTOs certainly can and do serve preschool parents, so that decision in your case is up to your members/parents.

Community Advice

CMay2CK writes:
Our school has both PreK and K-5. A large majority of the PreK students go on to attend our school. While we are not "obligated" to include our PreK teacher/classes, we do. Our PreK teacher can submit requests just like any other teacher.

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