Question: Great Lakes Scrip Center feedback

Has anyone worked with the Great Lake Scrip Center at all? I would be interested in any feedback you can provide.

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Rockne writes:
I haven't used them myself for our HSA group, but I've had dealings with them (or have followed them) professionally since the late 90s. My experience is that they are very professional and have stayed solid, long-term focused even while many in the scrip business over the years have flown high and then burst. Tim

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Brandy writes:
I have used them all year. A mistyped May order has wiped out my entire profits for the year. If you return anything it is a 10% restocking fee and since most venders are below 7% and walmart is at 2% you can see how easily that can happen. There is no way to take venders you do not buy or use out of your ordering process to try and eliminate this mistake.

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volzj writes:
I think this is a great program and it has proven successful for our school as well as our family.

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240pumpkinpie writes:
Our school has used them for the past 3 or 4 years just before the Christmas by sending out a letter with list of stores to the families. You click on form go to list and click then add. the web site adds your school info on the form for you. the first time you do it may take a couple of hours but very easy to figure out. If you call for help, they are also very helpful.After I received the orders, I would place the order on line and the cards come within a week. I sort the cards per family and there a pick-up date at school where most parents come and pick up their cards. Those who don't come to me or I go to them. Never send activative cards through childs backpack. It's my favorite fundraiser to do and never had a problem or mistake. Very Happy

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busymom324 writes:
I have placed orders with Great Lakes Scrip Center for the last 10(?) years. Its personnel are accurate, on-time, and professional, always helpful and continually striving to be innovative. They are quick to let us know when a retailer is in trouble, in order to prevent/curtail loss to our inventories and scrip participants. GLSC is an excellent organization to work with.

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ABC12345 writes:
Great Lakes runs a great program, but I've found that their fees are a bit high, especially for shipping. My school uses The Manna Group (we have for 5 years) and have found their customer service and fees to just be... Better. Research all the companies out there!

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