The principal at our school has asked PTO to purchase a helium tank for the school. A volunteer suggested we buy one. However, funds are limited. Our school is a Title 1 and we feel should not spend pto funds on a helium tank. How do we explain to the principal that our school does not need a helium tank?

Asked by gpcats2010



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fjrogers1 writes:
Is there a great need for the helium tank? Do ya'll blow up balloons a great deal? Kind of a bizarre request....I would ask for more information, and also look into renting one for special events. Perhaps the cost could be offset by selling balloons? Or just put it to a vote -- I have a feeling that many people will object, especially if funds are low.

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gpcats2010 writes:
Thanks for your advice. No we don't sell any type of balloons and we really wouldn't be needing the helium tank any other time besides this Mothers Day. We ended up buying the helium tank because things got way out of hand even after we put a vote to it. Majority of the vote was "no" and well there were several employees of the school district made things really ugly for us and so well we had no help from our Principal either. I don't really know what she may have been able to do for us but she allowed those employees to yell at us on school grounds. It was a huge mess. Thank you.

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