Question: Combining 2 schools PTO's

I am looking for information on the pros and cons and the how to combine 2 schools PTO's. Also how does non profit status effect it.

Asked by pcamp



Advice from PTO Today

bblake writes:
Lots of school districts, particularly in smaller towns, have one PTO that covers all of the schools. Often there's a board member from each school. There are some challenges to this approach, though, in terms of how you divide your resources. For example, do schools do separate fundraisers with each one keeping the money they raise? Or do you do one overall fundraiser and divide your spending among all schools as you see fit? If parents think their fundraising dollars are going to a different school, they might be less likely to participate. A similar question was posted on the Messages Boards, where there may be input from people in this situation. Here's the link: Combining PTOs from the same district.

Community Advice

Jazmama writes:
Our principal is the principal if 2 schools. She has informed the school site council that she is combining the PTA and annual funds of both schools. Is this legal? Can she do that?

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