Question: What can be discussed at pto meetings?

I have been part of our local PTO for many years now, and now the principal is not willing to discuss and matters that do not concern fundraisers or raising money. We want to ask many questions about the school and about new things that are changing all the time, and we were told to set up meetings privately with the principal. What can we do to make the pto meetings more open to questions about other matters? Thanks for any advice!

Asked by Aziere



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badpants writes:
We have any number of topics discussed at our meetings, as well as a Principal's Report, which is a main draw for parents to attend. I can sympathize with your disappointment, which as I understand, is your principal has stated he/she will not discuss any topics openly that are not related to fundraising. While you can not force your principal to talk about the issues and concerns that are foremost for your parents, it doesn't mean you have to quit asking. Does your principal regularly attend meetings? Does he/she have time alloted at each meeting? Is this the primary focus of the meeting? I'd like to hear more about the issue, I'm certain other parents out there will be able to offer a solution or helpful idea.

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