Question: Should PTO solicit confidential questions from parents?

In order to encourage everybody to express their opinions and concerns we would like to create a vehicle for the parents to be able to post confidential (anonymous) questions that will be discussed at PTO meetings without naming the source. Is that a common practice among other parent organizations? Is there any legal concerns?

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badpants writes:
Is there some discontent already, with this being the plan to help get thru it? Or are you just trying to encourage communication. Either way, I'm not sure this is the approach I would recommnend. I think I would approach things one of two ways. If you know there are some issues brewing, a direct approach may be the way to go...kind of head it off at the pass. For example, there has been some talk about your school either closing or merging with another school and parents are concerned about fundraising efforts. You already know people are talking about it, so you put it on the agenda to discuss. You set the parameters of the discussion by stating the issue and some of the concerns. Or possibly invite the principal or other admin. to the meeting to help difuse. If you are trying encourage more communication or involvement, maybe a survey sent out to parents. You could ask for feedback about projects or ideas. You could ask for the 5 things parents like best about the PTO and maybe an idea for improvement on 3 things they have concerns about. You could ask what would make parents feel more welcome or why they don;t get involved and what you can do to make involvement easier or more attractive.

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