Question: Fall Carnival - Selling Vendor Tables

Trying to find out any specific rules on selling vendor space at out Carnival. Plan was to sell tables to local business's so they could either pass out flyers, coupons, or sell product. We were told that we cannot do that. Is there a specific reason we cannot??

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pcamp writes:
what town?

Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
It's most likely a district rule. A lot of districts don't allow any kind of marketing directly to children on school grounds. You might see whether there's any wiggle room -- for instance, whether you could limit the booths to companies clearly promoting themselves to adults and not children. (ie the hardware store is OK, but McDonald's might not be). An alternative to booths is to have companies sponsor carnival games. In return for a fee, you put a thank-you sign at the game that says "this game sponsored by a generous donation from Joe's Widget Company."

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