Question: How to locate districts that still have a PTO?

I work for a local organization that is a partner with the American Lung Association. I work for The Tobacco Action Coalition of the Finger Lakes. What I am looking for are Parent/Teacher groups that would be open to discussinon regarding Tobacco Free Outdoor Air. I work with Seneca, Wayne, Yates and Ontario Conties in New York.

Asked by Jodie7



Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Hi Jodie - Just to clarify a bit, there are local contacts for PTOs, but they are at the very local level. As Nicole said, for as precisely as you are trying to target, you really need to find the schools (fairly easy to find on the web -- and reach out individually. PTO Today does have the ability to reach out to large masses of PTOs and PTAs, but tricky to do that as finely targeted as you're looking for.

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