Question: Winter After school Program Registrations

When do most schools send out the registration forms for the Winter after school programs? I think some parents like to know early so it would be good to send them before the break. However, that may be too early for some folks and they'll lose the forms and/or forget about the programs. Sending the forms out in Jan has a shorter turn around time but more folks would be prepared to sign up.

Asked by Nilam



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
You definitely want to let parents know about the after school programs well in advance. Do that through your newsletter, or send home an informational flyer. Don't be shy about mentioning it in several different communications. You might even tell them "We'll be sending home the registration form on Jan. 7." You can send out the actual registration form closer to the date the program begins if people have been notified in advance.

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