Question: board voted "unanimously" to return to to PTA

We have very small turnouts this year for our board meetings. Due to work, I was not able to attend the last one. According to our principal's email on Monday, our board unanimously voted to join PTA next school year. I am furious because this was never mentioned. I am guessing there was another small turnout at this meeting. The current pres had spent a lot of time at our local high school (PTA) and I feel she just doesn't have a strong understanding of how a PTO can/should work. Any ideas on what I can put together to make a great presentation to keep PTO at our jr high? I was the pres elect for one year and pres for the next two. I know this program works. It breaks my heart to see someone come in and make this kind of decision. I know I need to find out the source behind this before getting too worked up.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Check out our PTO vs. PTA page. We have several resources that outline the difference between PTO and PTA. In particular, you might want to download the PTO vs. PTA: Differences at a Glance chart.

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ldyreng writes:
Thanks. I did print out Tim Sullivan's page "PTO vs. PTA: What's the difference". This is the topic of my college research paper so it's been very informative to read from both sites. I just received an email from the school's principal. The bottom line says "The decision has been made" but I am not going to give up. Even if it's for my own understanding, I'll keep looking into this matter. I know there are other parents who feel this is a mistake, but she stated I was the only one against it. Thanks again. Laura

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