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I need to write a PTO introduction letter to advise parents of a PTO that the school did not previously have. It is grade 5-8. I need to introduce myself. I have a 5th grade coming into the school and that they did not have a PTO. I have been working with the principalvice principal and parent liason of the school so that we can have an effective PTO up and running by the start of school in the fall 2011. Any help in this letter would be appreciated. P.S. We are organizing an in school over the summer paint party to have the school repainted by the fall. Thank You

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I'd suggest a short-ish message letting parents know that you're organizing a PTO, types of things you hope to accomplish (enhancing the school community, building a stronger connection between parents and teachers, etc.), tell them how they can get involved, and mention the paint party. Don't forget to include contact information for people who are interested. You'll probably get the most response by organizing a welcome event in the fall to introduce people to the PTO idea. Good luck!

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