Question: What are your PTO meeting times?

We are basically starting over this year with schools merging and a brand new pto officer group. I was curious what everyone does for their meetings. We set up a meeting time and had some promotional things made and now the principal insists the time be changed. I've checked the other schools in the district and we are in line with them. I feel the principal (who only has young children who are not in school yet) is trying to make it easy for her. I've heard comments that the school is not very friendly to working parents. What are you doing about meetings?

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Amcvay writes:
We have our PTO meetings at 6:30 pm. We also offer free childcare that way parents don't need to get sitters. We have found out that this time is successful for working parents and non. We also make sure the meetings run no later then 8:00 so then kids can get home to bed before it's too late.

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