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In the past our procedure for teachers making requests for PTO fund support has been very casual. Typically the teacher wanting the funds will come to a PTO meeting and present the request during "new business." Sometimes a teacher will contact a PTO officer before the meeting with some of the info and it will make it on to the agenda. Recently we have gotten into situations of teachers emailing their requests or confronting a PTO officer when they are picking up or dropping of their kids. As a board we feel that a form and process may be needed as we go forth. We are only looking to streamline the process and be as responsible as possible with our funds. Any suggestions?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I don't have a sample at hand, but a simple form should do the trick. It should ask for the teacher's name and grade, a list of items to be purchased, approximate cost, description of how they will be used, and a place for the teacher's signature and date. You should also include information about how to hand in the form (ie place in the PTO box in the office, etc.) and who to contact for more information. Appoint one person to manage these requests, and steer teachers to that person when they want more information, etc. Also, just as an FYI, you should be requiring teachers to provide receipts for whatever they purchase. It's important to have those for your financial records.

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