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Our PTO president runs a catering business. When she plans school events she seems to always order more than enough food for that particular event. It seems this food ends up leaving with her at the end of the event if someone else deosn't take the lead and donates it to a local agency. My question is what is the proper protocal on handling the purchase of food and goods for school sponsored events? Is there any paperwork that should be turned in? Does the principal or other designee have any lead in this?

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OPEMom writes:
We are not a PTO, however, none of our parents are allowed to sell anything from their own business (Avon, Tupperware, etc.) in the school. We had a problem a few years ago when our former President owned a candy store across the street from our school. Someone suggested giving the kids a $5 gift card to her store as an end of the year gift. While most of the parents were okay with this decision, some were not. After that, it was decided that no parent was allowed to "make money" off the school. As far as your President taking food home, the only time we allow parents to take something home is if it has been opened. I would make a motion at your next meeting (or have someone else do it if you don't feel comfortable) to have all leftover food donated to your local food pantry. Hope this helps : )

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