Question: Alternate title Muffins/Moms Donuts/Dads

Does anyone have any ideas for muffins with moms or donuts with dads? Some kids don't understand the concept that it can be a family friend, aunt/uncle, grandma/grandpa and would like to keep the breakfast theme and gender, but have it be more inclusive. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

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deedee writes:
do you have a flyer? why not add to the flyer for the parent/child that this is for someone special to them to come if their mom or dad can't make it?

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Craig writes:
Some groups use Breakfast with a buddy

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kellyfmccall writes:
I am having trouble saving the file once edited. It reverts back to the original.

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Rose H writes:
Hi Kelly,
Which file are you working with?

Rose C.

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Juli writes:
VIP Breakfast

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