Question: Volunteer who is a bully and dishonest

Can the president demand the stop of a fundraiser and take over do to the fact the chairperson is being dishonest

Asked by Kim



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
The big question here is what does "dishonest'' mean. We would need a little bit more information to help you with this. The president absolutely should step in and take charge of a fundraiser if the person running it can no longer do so. If something dishonest-- in the illegal sense of the word has occurred -- it's the duty of the president and board to look into what has happened and work to resolve whatever problems have resulted. If you can share more information, we will try to help you more.

Community Advice

Kim writes:
Ok, well we had a Plastic Easter Egg sell they had been filled with all kinds of surprises, Lunch with Principal and Teacher of your choice. Well the Chairperson of this Fundraiser, her both two children won lunch with Principal, lunch with both of there Teachers, I just don't feel that is right, especially if you are the Chairperson.

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