Question: Who's running your Box Top Program? School or PTO?

Survey on if this is more a PTO program or a school district program.

Asked by Theresagraz



Community Advice

firefighter464 writes:
At both schools I have been involved in this is a PTO project because of the manpower involved to run it successfully. Yet at one school the school district took 2 of our checks for their own use and subsequently the PTO voted to hand over BoxTops to a specific school BoxTops entity of some sort. At this time there is nothing being done by that entity to solicit BoxTops--not even a single note sent home to parents about BoxTops or information about entering to win Bonus BoxTops, just resting on the laurels of what was started by the PTO.

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CPerry writes:
The school had been running the program for the last several years, but this year the PTO took over and we tripled our earnings. We went from $500 to $1500.

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chidek writes:
Pur PTA has always run the Box Tops program,s but the check always went to the school to the Principal's discretionary fund. At the beginning of this year, I asked the Principal is the checks could go directly to the PTA instead and we would award grants and fund staff & teacher requests. The result: We more than doubled our box top earnings and gave out over $4500 in grants.

The PTA was doing all of the work to promote, collect and submit the Box Tops, gave the grants and then we were able to advertise what we did with the money and really own the whole process. It has been a highlight of our year to be able to give that much back.

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