Question: Ficticious documents !!

Recently read an article PTO vs PTA at my daughters' school. I am part of a PTA and much of what was written is totally fictious and not factual about PTA. For instance we do NOT pay $1K to our State Office. My question... is your article fact or fiction? Can much of what you have stated stand up in a court of law?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Hi anon - Not exactly sure what article you read or if we wrote it (if we didn't, then you'd need to ask the author), but if you're referring to our (PTO Today's) feature story on "PTO v PTA", then -- yes -- I think it's factual. The article on our site doesn't say that your PTA sent $1,000 to the state office; I believe the statement is that the "average" PTA unit pays more than $1,000 in combined council, state and national dues (money sent away from the local unit). The average unit has well more than 200 members and state and national dues combined are more than $5 per member in several states. State dues alone are more than $5 in some states (at least one). I would say that it's important for each group contemplating these issues to look at their own particular circumstances (if your total dues are way lower, that's definitely relevant). Good luck.

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