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Our PTO has gone digital for almost everything except membership. We are looking for software to keep track of membership, preferably something web based that members could join and pay online. Does anyone use or know of a website or software that can do this? Ii would be a great feature to add to PTOtoday's Volunteer Manager.

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
There may be some different options available. One thing to consider would be using PaySchools, which is available to all our PTO Plus Members. If you used it in conjuction with Volunteer Manager, it could be an option for you and address some of the features you are looking for. With PaySchools, you can process credit card payments for your group, receive payments electronically for dues, family night events, fundraisers, group donations, and any other school-related items. This link will take you to more information about PaySchools. Good luck!

Community Advice

NeillRay writes:
Check out PTO Manager and The School Volunteer. Both of these web-based services help you manage volunteers.

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VolunteerX3 writes:
Check out You can sell memberships and any other items online. It's actually a website builder for PTA/PTOs so it's set up to do a lot of other things too like manage your volunteers, send eblasts, etc. It's not a free option, but it has a built in option for selling Ads to your parents and/or community businesses which more than covers the cost. This year we used our excess Ad funds to buy new library books.

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daddario writes:
Transitioning your PTO into the digital sphere for membership management is a wise move. As you explore web-based solutions for online joining and payments, consider how effectively managing people within your organization can enhance this process. The benefits of solid management practices with , such as streamlined communication and improved collaboration, align seamlessly with the need for efficient software solutions. A well-managed team can ensure a smooth transition to digital membership tracking, fostering a more engaged and connected community. It's not just about the software; it's about the people who implement and interact with it.

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