Question: School Directory Disclaimer(permission slip)

Our PTO is putting together a directory for the first time, and was wondering what a permission slip should look like to get the info into our directory, like parents names, etc. I even put in a part about extended families, because we have alot of those, but I need help making up a permission slip to have their info put into this directory.

Asked by codyconnormom



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
One thing you might try is using the email opt-in document in our File Exchange. It can be customized and it could be a good starting point for a document to collect information for the directory. Take a look and see if it might work:Email Opt-In.

Community Advice

GJackson writes:
We are expanding our directory to include all students, not just PTO members. We're sending home an opt-out form with our PTO Membership packet at the beginning of the year. Basically just a form that says either opt in (and only provide us with the information you want printed) or opt out and your info will not be included in the directory at all - although your child's name will still appear on the class rosters - just no contact info to link to.

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