Question: Principal and Fundraising

Last year our PTO had to find additional resources for funds. A local grocery store offers cash back for every $50,000 spent by the parents who register. PTO considers this a "mini" fundraiser. The school did not want to do the work to get the parents on board so it was handed over to the PTO. One parent took the time and energy to run this fundraiser and raise awareness within the school community. The community ultimately earned cash back of $2000. The first $1000 was "taken" from PTO by the school and deposited into "Gifts/Donations". As you can imagine the PTO parents were not happy with this turn of events. We did fight for the rest of the money and were able to keep those checks but were never reimbursed for the initial checks. It needs to be stated that the school chose to hand over this money maker to the PTO and it did not generate any funds until the PTO ran it. This year the principal wants PTO to "hand over" this fundraiser to meet their own budget short falls but want PTO to continue to run/administer this fundraiser. If PTO doesn't do this I fear the school will try to nickel and dime us all year. The school is already trying to get PTO & student council to cover $2000+ in budget short falls. The principal always talks about us all working for the school but the school does little for the PTO except ask for money. PTO is goaling for this year to purchase new benches for a new track, shade, and playground equipment. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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