Question: Chick-fil-A at Fall Festival?

Each year, Chick-fil-A donates 50 chicken sandwiches to our school's Fall Festival and we purchase an additional 50-100 sandwiches. With Chick-fil-A in the middle of controversy, should we continue to serve Chick-fil-A sandwiches at our Fall Festival? It stipulates in our Bylaws that: This organization shall be non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan. It shall not endorse a commercial enterprise or a candidate. By serving Chick-fil-A, does that promote the conservative agenda? Am I overthinking this? I, personally, love Chick-fil-A and we always sell out of the sandwiches at the festival.

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Community Advice

Knenoff00 writes:
I say bring it up with your PTO. If it is a big seller then I would go for it.

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seisen5 writes:
If the sandwiches are donated with no stipulation of advertisement, then you are fine. it is when you "back" any company or provide them advertising space you may have a conflict. Do they put up a banner, etc. if not, go for it...

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FallsCityMom writes:
I would say absolutely do not allow chic fil a sandwiches. The subject matter that surrounds chic fil a right now is offensive and in no way promotes equality for all people. I would stay away from Chic fil a at all cost.

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rborja298 writes:
Normally I would say that if there's no marketing display or collateral materials being distributed then you should be ok, however if you're iffy about it - I'd play the safe card.

Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
I think that not allowing Chick-Fil-A in or assessing their political "rightness" (or more factually -- the political rightness of their owner) is exactly what your bylaws are trying to avoid. Making that assessment is -- in fact -- the political thing that you're trying to avoid.

It's a local restaurant offering you support for your event, as they've done for years.

And it's a very slippery slope. Will you not have McDonald's support because of fat content (that'sa political issue)? Will you not have Nestle Pure Life water bottles because of environmental concerns. If every potential vendor/supporter has to go through some rigorous political test (does this vendor offend anytone at our school?), then you've a) got ahugely political mess on your hands; and b) will never have another vendor that passes muster.


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