Question: PTO member gifts

Does anyone know if there is a place to buy items for our members that actually say PTO and not PTA??? Tshirts, mugs, pins????

Asked by pfaff1102



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firefighter464 writes:
Cafepress you can put on whatever you want. But it may be costly...

Also, patronize your local silk screener.

You can also get creative and low-budget and do it yourself with all the various color printer papers out there. Or Tulip makes a permanent fabric spray paint. Write 'PTO' on a T-shirt with duct tape or stencil and spray overtop, peel off tape and word is left behind in white on T-shirt. Could make your group quite colorful and creative to get noticed. I've even cut out a school logo printed on card paper with an exacto knife to make a tee for my kids.

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firefighter464 writes: seems to already have PTO-printed gifts:

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