Question: Box Top/Campbell's Submission Dates HELP!

Our current coordinator waits until the very last minute to send in the box tops/labels. We lose out on many of the Bonus points our parents collect because they expire so quickly. Does anyone make submissions THROUGHOUT the year vs. just before the deadlines?

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gjcoram writes:
Our coordinator submits twice a year; I think she's said there are two submission dates (and that's what it says on the BTFE flyer they sent us to post/distribute), so I don't think you can submit during the year.

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firefighter464 writes:
I can only speak to BoxTops for Education for which I was coordinator for many years. (Don't know about Labels for Education) Gicoram is a bit mistaken. Although BoxTops only cuts a check to your group twice a year, you CAN submit anytime you want to, as many times as you want to, throughout the entire year, even over summer. And yes, a good coordinator does so to avoid expiration dates! BoxTops website sometimes also has on-line contests to win extra BoxTops that can be entered daily by as many people as you can encourage to enter on behalf of your school.

In general, the only reasons to submit only twice year is

A. didn't know you could submit other times (see above)
B. cost of postage to mail in multiple submissions (if the submission is more than the postage do it)
or C. Coordinator is overwhelmed and needs help.

Solution there, obviously, is: Offer help.

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Anna1867 writes:
Box Tops: Submissions are on November 1st and March 1st. If your running late, you must have the package postmarked with those dates for that submission, otherwise you will not receive your check the following month. You can submit Box Tops anytime throughout the year, you just have to pay the postage.

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