Question: Book Fair Event with Budget Vote

Has anyone ever held an event at your school to coincide with your district's annual budget vote? You know, something to help bring the parents out when they normally would've stayed home and ignored the vote? We are looking at my elementary school to host our Book Fair the same night as our district's budget vote - and at the same time sell slices of pizza for $1 (or whatever), then when they finish at the fair, the parents can head over to the HS where the district budget vote/school board election is being held. Thinking of having a "where's Waldo" type of thing for the kids to have to locate our principal while she's being forced to be there amidst the community. Then the kids see her, she gives them a book mark, pencil, something...and the parents can vote for (or against) the school budget and the new board members. Would like to hear from other schools that have done something similar...and if you have ideas for a name for this event? "Books, Pizza, Budget Night"? I dont' know ...some kind of a theme?

Asked by Ditkowski



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