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I am going to have Pto shirts made for us to wear at events and around the school so people know who we are.My question is what should they have on them? I need some ideas? Has anyone made Pto shirts? Help thanks Christina

Asked by Christinagail



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Christinagail writes:
We are the Cobden appleknockers

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BvilleShellie writes:
Rather than making shirts, which will only help those who work this year, I would suggest getting buttons made. We had some made last year with our school mascot and are about 3" in diameter (w/magnetic buttons). When worn, they are easily visible and let's face it--not everyone always wants to wear a T-shirt at all school events. Everyone, from our board members to the event chairs & volunteers received a button so they could be easily recognized. Good luck!

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LaurieBrasil writes:
I would advice against this, one year our board wore T shirts to the Open House. We worked info tables and wanted to be easily noticed. One of our awesome volunteers was hurt, we didn't offer her one. Your message should be "We r all members of the PTO", although some or more active then others. : )

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