Question: How do you fill out your 1099-MISCs

At my previous school, I used to use to submit 1099-MISCs. At my current school, we have about a dozen, and at $4 or so each, it's starting to seem like a lot of money. Does anyone do them a different way? Does Quicken or QuickBooks or anything help?

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mum24kids writes:
You can do them through QuickBooks, but I'm pretty sure there is still a charge to file them electronically. It's a little cheaper than, but not that much. (They have a promotion going on now for about another week.) Personally, for a once a year charge, I would stick with All your historical information gets saved from year to year, and it's easy to retrieve it or reprint it when you need to, and the filing of all the forms you need is done electronically in one fell swoop. If you are doing the forms to the same people each year, it saves a ton of time. It's going to take you more time to research alternatives than it will take you to sit down and crank those dozen forms out in

You can opt to to paper forms through QuickBooks, but I believe you need to buy preprinted forms (from Staples or someone like that) to print them, so there is some cost to the forms--but it will probably be about $1/form, so it would be cheaper.

Staples also sells a kit for about $30 that has 1099 software and forms--cheaper, but not much.

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