Question: What is the best PTO software for a Treasurer of a small school.

We are trying to keep costs down. We are a very small (but great) school and we are starting a PTO. We haven't had one in a few years and this time we have our own account. What is a good software for our Treasurer.

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mum24kids writes:
I've either used or evaluated a few, and my favorite is MoneyMinder ( Big pluses are 1) reasonably priced, 2) web based, 3) easy for non-bookkeeping oriented people to use, 4) fast response time on customer support. Finance Manager (from this website) and Treasurer's Toolkit are also good. I'm not a fan of anything that isn't web based because it's too dependent on one person and whether they are good about backing up their files, plus it requires people to install stuff on their computer. Quicken Online is terrible--expensive for what you get.

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de233 writes:
You could just use an excel spreadsheet. I was a past treasurer of our PTO. We are not a large school and excel worked fine.

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seth writes:
Just use Google Sheets as a spreadsheet and OurEvents for fundraising. Both are web-based and free.
You can import into Google Sheets the fundraising data (names, amounts, etc.) generated by OurEvents.

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