Question: Holding office

If my child is no longer in the school, can I still hold office in a PTO?

Asked by shawndab6



Community Advice

mum24kids writes:
You'll have to check your group's bylaws. With ours, you can only be a member if you are a parent/guardian of a child at the school, or if you are employed by the school. So in our case, no, you wouldn't be able to be an officer. But every group sets their own rules.

Community Advice

milkbrain writes:
my gut says it's weird, and I would bring it to the vote of our group- we dont' have a bylaw for this. I think that I wouldn't allow an officer position, but yes to being a member.

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi milkbrain,
Sounds like a good idea to raise it as a topic for discussion. You may want to suggest to the group that it consider this issue as an addition to the bylaws the next time the group updates its bylaws.


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