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Question: Popcorn fundraiser

We have an intermediate school, grades 5 and 6. Looking for a spring fundraiser, to help meet our budget needs, since our fall fundraisers failed to make much money. Samples from Popcorn Palace were in our box at school. Good stuff, but has anyone used them for fundraising at their school, and if so, how successful was it? Can a lot of money be raised using this fundraiser?

Asked by pareth



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Rose H writes:
Hi pareth,
We know of lots of groups that do well with this kind of fundraiser, and of course a lot depends on the size of the school, how heavily you promote it, and what other fundraising events in your community may be happening at the same time. If you are planning for the spring, you might also consider hosting an outdoor carnival or fair, a jog-a-thon, or even a yard sale. These do take lots of time to plan, but can be great community building events as well as money makers.

Good luck!


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