This year out PTO has been a bit out of control. Members not following the chain of communication. Can the PTO have a "contract" or agreement that each member HAS to sign if they wish to be part of the PTO?

Asked by Cidplus3



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
We have heard of groups having code of conduct documents. Another option is to work directly with the folks who are "a bit out of control" and try to resolve the conflicts. Having a contract and then forcing people out because they haven't followed it could turn into quite a battle that could be even more disruptive than what's happening now. It sounds difficult, but approaching someone who's not following the rules and saying , "hey, how can I help? It looks like you're trying to get something done here or you have something on your mind, and I'm happy to help" --that can be far more effective.


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