Question: What happens if we don’t have a board next year and the current board does not want to fill the seat

Nobody on this years board wants to run again next year and we have had no interest from anyone for next year. I know it’s still early but what happens if there is no board. Where does the money we currently have go?

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Liz L writes:
Hi jillafornia,
Hopefully since you posted this some interested people have stepped forward? But if not, your bylaws should specify what to do with the money. Generally either you spend the money down before you leave or you transfer it to another non-profit, usually the school. You can also check with your district.

I saw this comment from a similar thread from a few years ago and thought it interesting: "Incoming Kindergarten parents are often very active. You might leave it that the money will be used/transferred as specified in your vote unless there is an active PTO in place by a certain date, maybe the end of September."

Again, hoping some people come through. Best of luck. -Liz from PTO Today

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