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Great Assembly! The Brain Show

12 years 2 months ago #143751 by fulleffectsteve
Replied by fulleffectsteve on topic RE: Great Assembly! The Brain Show
We had the turtle show in NJ this year and loved it! The presenter adjusted the performance for the younger children in the morning and older children in the afternoon. He also answered lots of questions from both students and teachers. The turtles were adorable and with the use of the camera and movie screen everyone in our gym could see them up close. The website is TURTLESHOW.COM
10 years 3 months ago #153822 by Paula Kalevas
Replied by Paula Kalevas on topic Re:Great Assembly! The Brain Show
We have had great luck with a company called Mobile Ed Productions. They have a lot of different programs and we LOVED every one we had! We really liked Young Authors Day, but they also have some cool science programs with hands on stuff. They have been around forever and the people in the office are really helpful!
3 years 11 months ago #170682 by Liz G
Replied by Liz G on topic RE: Great Assembly! The Brain Show
Our School has done this every year for about 8 years now. We do a Not Your Average Thanksgiving and Brain Show and invite our families to a thanksgiving dinner followed by the Brain Show. Its like a real TV trivia game show. The families compete in teams.....lots of music and fun fun fun! Brain Show does all the work and allows the staff and volunteers to enjoy the event as well!
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