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Great Assembly! The Brain Show

15 years 3 months ago #143408 by debbiee12
Sure - it is a game show where the kids participate - but it has a little twist...lots of music, and once they answer the question, they have to do a little dance (cute raising their hands up to the song You Make Me Want To Shout, slow motion to Chariots of Fire, moving their hands side to side to the song We Like To Party, the YMCA, etc..lots of them...the kids loved that part!) The MC that did ours was fantastic too! I think their website is They book up fast. You wont be sorry.
15 years 3 months ago #143397 by LisaTurrill
Can you give me more info?

All about the Father
15 years 3 months ago #143390 by debbiee12
We are from NJ and just had The Brain Show assembly. It was so good...excellent....the kids & teachers just loved it. Thought I would pass it along ...
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