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Removing an officer from office.

14 years 5 months ago #149526 by concerned member
Replied by concerned member on topic RE: Removing an officer from office.
We recently had a similar situation at our school. During election night a nomination from the floor was made for President. A vote was held and the nominated individual was elected President by a vote of 16-4! The past president was harsh, gossipy, and rude. When members gave suggestions they were immediately turned away or shot down. She would not bring motions to the floor or up to members if she did not want to be bothered with the event. From what I understand the teachers and parents are very excited about the new change! Most of the board will be new. Recently, the past president; still in office until July; has stirred up trouble and now two fo the new board members have stepped down!

Wouldn't she want to go out with some grace!?!?! It is disgusting that adults act like this and are obviously not in it for the children. I recently overheard her bad mouthing the president elect in the school and it disgusts me to no end. Maybe she should take a look at how she is acting and look back....maybe others saw her for what she was and that is why she was not voted for!
14 years 6 months ago #149397 by concerned member
Replied by concerned member on topic RE: Removing an officer from office.
According to what you posted, only the board can remove someone from office. The membership can admonish, censure, or otherwise voice its displeasure with the board's lack of action, but the membership cannot instruct board members' votes.
14 years 6 months ago #149391 by rkta
I have a question about removing an officer from office. I have looked and haven't seen a similar question.

We have an officer that has caused numerous problems at school. At the election (May) it was an extremely close vote, only due to both sides bringing in other people to vote. These votes were all legitamate; parents and teachers, but they were not normal attending members.

The teachers are not happy with the elected officer. The 'active' parents are not happy with the elected officer.

Our bylaws state: Removal from office may occur by a majority vote of the Board for missing more than two meeting, failure to perform assigned duties, corruption, or any act that brings dishonor to the organiztion.

So my question is...can the teachers and parents at a meeting put a motion for the removal of the president from office. There have been actions that have brought dishonor to the PTO along with other reasons the person should be removed from office. If the motion is put forth and seconded, then voted the majority, is it effective and must it be carried out?

thank in advance...
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