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poor meeting attendance

23 years 10 months ago #55408 by ColoradoPTOmom
Replied by ColoradoPTOmom on topic RE: poor meeting attendance
Just heard today on National Public Radio of research on the national trend for people to disengaged themselves from organizational memberships. Don't take it personally I guess - no one wants to leave home once they get home from work and have to get dinner on the table.
Our PTO focuses its energy on what we can do to rally the support of all parents to join us during fund raising events or family evenings. This year we had incredible support for what the PTO wanted to achieve - we actually made four times as much money than ever before and had such positive community building events that we didn't care if the same five or ten people showed up to meetings - we had active parent participation when we needed it and we have had nothing but positive feedback from parents. That doesn't happen very often.
I think sometimes we are so worried about getting everyone to meetings that we don't think of what we'd do if 100 parents did show up and couldn't make a decision because of all the differing view points! Not everyone will be tuned in to all the issues/circumstances revolving around public education and our children's school - a small number of leaders making well thought out decisions will mean more to those parents who can't attend meetings than a full house and no end results.
Just something to think about.

23 years 10 months ago #55407 by mdmprez
Replied by mdmprez on topic RE: poor meeting attendance
Hello Kaylee! The play at our PTO meeting was a huge success! We had alot of parents and grandparents in attendance and we have gotten a few more volunteers that we normally do not have for a few upcoming committees. The children had a great time too. Thanks for asking.
23 years 10 months ago #55406 by mdmprez
Replied by mdmprez on topic RE: poor meeting attendance
Send a notice home about a week or two prior to the next meeting with each student. List a few of the "more interesting" or those topics of the most concern on the notice. Also, have an agenda at the meeting. Try to stick to it and keep the meeting no more than an hour long. When word gets out that the meetings don't go on forever, you may get a rise in your attendance.
24 years 3 days ago #55405 by Kaylee
Replied by Kaylee on topic RE: poor meeting attendance
Excellent ideas MadamPrez......! Let us know how the play with the kids goes over. Good Luck
24 years 6 days ago #55404 by mdmprez
Replied by mdmprez on topic RE: poor meeting attendance
It seems that every organization that you talk to whether it is a PTA or a PTO have the same problem. Our PTO this year has started a sign in sheet that circulates during the meeting for the parents to sign and the class with the most representation the PTO gives that class a bag of chips. In our school we also have students of the month (picked by the teacher)the PTO sends them an invitation to come to the monthly General Meeting and then we present the child with a certificate and pin congratulating them on their job well done. We also take a picture of the group and put it in the local newspaper. The PTO has gotten positive feedback on this. We have gotten a few parents who return the following month because they became interested in what they heard.This month one of the teachers has volunteered to come and put on a play for the parents. The PTO has made it a goal for next year to try and get the teachers to participate at our meetings more.
24 years 6 days ago #55403 by mdmprez
Replied by mdmprez on topic RE: poor meeting attendance
Have you thought about organizing speakers or events to go along with your meetings? We have something tied to every one of our meetings like the superintendent speaking or an art show from the kids or other stuff.
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