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Organization of PTOs

23 years 10 months ago #55415 by ColoradoPTOmom
Replied by ColoradoPTOmom on topic RE: Organization of PTOs
Here's a site that the publisher of this forum posted as one of the best he'd seen and after visiting several times and looking over their entire site I strongly agree....
Good luck - well written bylaws make things so much easier. (And remember, they can be amended so don't think you have to be perfect the first time... change is constant!)

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23 years 10 months ago #55414 by Howard
Replied by Howard on topic RE: Organization of PTOs

Speaking of bylaws, our PTO (and school) is brand new and needs to adopt bylaws -- anyone out there have a GOOD set of up-to-date bylaws that they can share with me (especially at the middle school level)? If so, email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks.
24 years 1 day ago #55413 by coloradoPTOmom
Replied by coloradoPTOmom on topic RE: Organization of PTOs
You're very welcome,Tim ... thank YOU for the opportunity to visit this forum and offer suggestions!
We all need to work together ~ no matter where we are from ~ our children are the future of this country and we can all learn from each other and support each other in our children's educational journeys.
24 years 2 days ago #55412 by Publisher
Replied by Publisher on topic RE: Organization of PTOs
Wow ColoradoPTOMom!

I don't normally do this, but -- Thank you! What a great post. I'm sure your insight will be appreciated by many.

24 years 2 days ago #55411 by coloradoPTOmom
Replied by coloradoPTOmom on topic RE: Organization of PTOs
Your answers are all over this forum - many of us are in the same boat and are looking for answers to the same questions.

PTO's usually have the typical board officers so one or two people can be responsible for making sure questions are answered or are directed to those who can provide answers. Look for bylaws that your PTO is comfortable with and go for it.

PTO's can grow stagnet with past ways of doing things - remember as our children grow and move on new parents join the school community with new ideas and refreshing energy - listen to their ideas and welcome their energy. Who's to say "the way it has always been done" is the way it should always continue?

Take some time and read through every posting you'll find here, under various topics - I did and walked away with usable suggestions/ information as well as a feeling that our PTO wasn't the only one out there wondering what to do next.

As far as membership building - listen to the parents you have coming to meetings and then never come back...many parents want to help but do not feel needed or do not know how they could possibly make a difference. Ask the teachers what they want from your PTO and then encourage them to direct parents your way - your teachers can be your best friends or your worst enemies.

Reach out and build a team, encourage everyone to feel a part of your organization and sit back and watch the magic happen - parents want to be involved to make a difference in their child's education sometimes we that are more involved forget those who can not be there every day - work hard to build a community within your school.
24 years 2 days ago #55410 by coloradoPTOmom
Replied by coloradoPTOmom on topic RE: Organization of PTOs
Hi Bonnie,

Our PTO is set up with Pres, VP, Sec, and Treas. Our terms are for 2 years and new officers are elected in May after a nominating committee is formed to fill a slate of "candidates". The nominating committee consists of an officer (other than pres), and up to 2 regular members who take nominations from members. They present the slate in April and we vote in May. As far as getting teachers to meetings, we have been having trouble with that too. We have started asking teachers to come to meetings to present their funds requests instead of just sending them in. It helps with any questions that members may have. They seem to be enjoying it so far! Good Luck!
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