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Bylaw Policies

22 years 10 months ago #55929 by plw
Replied by plw on topic RE: Bylaw Policies
First off I hope you will consider registering for the discussion board. You will find the information here so helpful and many are willing to help. It makes it easier for us if you are registered. I did the search on this site and came up with the sample bylaw thread. Go to for sample bylaws. Welcome and Best Wishes!
22 years 10 months ago #55928 by
Replied by on topic RE: Bylaw Policies
I've been elected as VP of our PTO. I asked our president if we had any by-laws we were mandated by, and she didn't know what I was talking about. We need help. Could someone please e-mail me a copy of your school's by-laws and board member functions so that we could have something to go by? It would help me tons.
22 years 10 months ago #55927 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Bylaw Policies
At the state level, you'll be concerned with 1) being tax exempt and 2) possibly becoming an incorporated non-profit 3)rules for things like Bingo

In Texas, the tax exemption means you don't have to pay sales tax on qualified purchases and you don't have to collect/remit sales tax on TWO fundraisers per year.

We haven't gone through the incorporation yet, but probably will this year.

If you ever think about running Bingo, be aware that it's a heavily regulated gaming activity and you have to apply for a Charitable Bingo license.

Why don't we take this to email if you have questions/want more information? It's probably getting a bit specific for the Forum.
22 years 10 months ago #55926 by jarsmommy
Replied by jarsmommy on topic RE: Bylaw Policies
JHB, You are a life saver. (Ditto to you to Mighty Jo!) JHB, your constitution and bylaws were sooo much help. It really helped put things into perspective. Thanks a million for the email.
You mentioned helping me out with some state (Texas) issues, What are you talking about?
22 years 10 months ago #55925 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Bylaw Policies
I sent you a copy of ours as well. Our PTO got the 501(c)(3) status last November/December.

When you file for this, the fee depends on your GROSS receipts. If your history or your expectations are that receipts will be below $10,000, then the fee is $150. Otherwise it's $500. Our PTO has been around for awhile, so it was fairly obvious we fit in the $500 fee category. However, as a new PTO, you don't really know what you'll make. As far as the IRS is concerned, I'd probably estimate low (and put yourself in the $150 category). But you'll want to read through the instructions before you decide.

I see that you are also in Texas, so I may be able to help you with some of the state issues. Let us know what else you need and good luck on your meeting.
22 years 10 months ago #55924 by jarsmommy
Replied by jarsmommy on topic RE: Bylaw Policies
Mighty Jo, Do you have a copy or a format that you used in writing your Constitution/ Articles of Organization? I appreciate both of your comments and I'm going into previous notes to look at other bylaws. We are filing for the non-profit asap. Did you have to pay the $500. to receive this status?
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